Providence Day School believes that there is a responsibility to train our students and faculty to be engaged, ethical, and productive digital citizens which why our resource guide has been updated. Each chapter now has a Take Action section to guide Educators to meaningful ways to engage their students.digital citizenship compass for book

We also are seeking your input. We are inviting you to share the activities you use with your students. Each submission will be added with attribution.

This site is our way of sharing our PD Digital Citizenship Resource Guide iBook with anyone interested. Each page in this site is a chapter from our resource guide which not only explores one of the seven compass points that guide our behavior but includes resources, activities, and lesson plans. Please note that in most cases Providence Day School did not create the resources, but instead linked to existing resources. This resource is intended to facilitate discussion between students and faculty, parents and faculty, and most importantly students and parents.

Use the menu in the upper left hand corner to navigate the chapters. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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